Motion Collabs

What is Motion Collabs?

Motion Collabs is an on-going animated collaboration effort that people from all over the world participate in! Skills range from complete beginner to seasoned veteran- anyone is welcome to join regardless of skill level.  Each collab has a different topic and set of requirements so keep on the lookout for new collabs! The program you use doesn’t matter, just make something cool.

About Us

Laura aka the Babadook Herself™ is the Supreme Overlord of Motion Collabs and makes sure everything runs smoothly. If you have any After Effects or Cinema 4d questions, she’s the creature to ask. When she’s not busy plotting of new ideas for upcoming collaborations, she can be found hiding upside down in a cave somewhere in Los Angeles. 

UNIQ is the resident graphic designer who specializes in 2D design and illustration. If you have any Illustrator questions, he’s been known to answer a few of them. He really loves Goldfish too. So if you want to be best friends just buy him some dang Goldfish!   

Caspar is cinematographer and colourist from the United Kingdom, working with Blender, Fusion and AE in his spare time in the hope he might get a motion reel done... someday...